ABJ Drone Simulator Training Powered by Zephyr

This ABJ Drone Simulator training is powered by Zephyr and offers 52 training modules to learn from. The primary focus of Zephyr is commercial operators that are flying UAVs for a particular occupation. As these operations require precise and accurate flight, Zephyr tracks and reports several different flight metrics and notifies both instructors and the students themselves of how well students are performing each session. It also lets them know if they are in violation of any regulations and provides a detailed summary of the flight at the end of each session. Zephyr also gives users the ability to alter environment variables and can even simulate wind to prepare pilots for the different types of weather conditions they may be required to fly in.


Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator

Zephyr is the first-of-its-kind, enterprise grade sUAS flight simulator. Zephyr is a unique system that provides commercial operators with the skills they need to be successful remote pilots. Companies and training institutions can effectively use our proprietary learning management system (LMS) to track students/trainees as they progress through Zephyr’s training modules. The LMS increases efficiency by giving instructors the ability to immediately pinpoint the flight mechanisms that require improvement so they can spend more time teaching.

Key Features

  • Supports several controllers and real aircraft transmitters with more on the way.
  • Features an integrated online learning management system.
  • Zephyr’s LMS tracks student progress through the training modules and displays the data in reports with several different tracking metrics to choose from.
  • Offers training modules that range from beginner to advanced that are focused on teaching new pilots how to fly.
  • Offers a selection of real aircraft that are commonly used in commercial operations, with accurate flight physics unique to each flight model.

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