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A global leader in drone training and program development.

Our Drone Academy

State-of-the-art specialized, commercial and industry specific drone training programs for drone pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds.

We offer our professional drone training courses online, directly to the public or through colleges or universities.

Also, we provide customized in-person training for individuals, or commercial, pubic safety and government organizations.

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Our Mission

To provide a full range of specialized drone training courses for all types of industries and organizations across the globe, creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of the modern global industry.

We take a multi-faceted approach to drone education by offering a blend of online training, in-person ground school classes and flight training to equip drone pilots with the skills industry demands.

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Why Us

We provide relevant and innovative drone education based on global in-field and experienced pilots who have provided services in a multitude of industries and categories from general photography to full scale energy infrastructure inspections.

Our programs are less theory and more factual, exactly what you and your organization needs to bring the up-most value, while saving time and avoiding huge potential problems.

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Drone Training Courses For All

We have the whole package. Exclusive knowledge and experience in the field. Our Drone Specialist Courses, aligned with ISO standards, equip professional drone pilots with the skills they need to succeed in this exciting, fast-paced industry.

Professional Individuals

We want to support the innovation and growth of drone technology so we found it valuable to support individuals with drone training courses through our online portal. This allows us to reach and support drone pilots globally, including North America, Europe and Asia.

Educational Institutions

ABJ Drone Academy is innovating and expanding through educational institutions. We help create and implement drone pilot courses into your university or college, providing the students with in-person education, flight practice, and an interactive online portal.

Commercial Enterprises

ABJ Drone Academy provides professional drone training courses to organizations that want to launch a drone/UAV program. We work with our clients to understand their business and how drones and related technologies can help deliver benefits on a regular basis.

Government Organization

We assist fire, police, SWAT and other Government organizations with introducing drone training into their departments in order to increase safety, speed and efficiency. We have worked with other government departments personally to provide the most updated education.


A New Era in Online Education

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Ground Breaking Drone Academy

Why choose us for your drone training?

We work closely with drone industry leaders, global organizations, and professional drone pilots. We have worked in the most challenging industries already, providing our global drone services at ABJ Drones. We created these training programs to give you an edge within the industry and provide you with new solutions to existing problems. While most are studying the basic and yesterdays information, you’ll be getting the most innovative and front-line information and training. This increases your value, positioning, placement in the market place, and allows you to tackle projects most pilots cannot.

  • 5,000+ Drone Pilots in our Network
  • Aligned with International Organization for Standardization (ISO Standards)
  • Instant Approval into Our Pilot Network
  • Official Certifications Given to Graduates
  • Global Job Opportunities for Graduates
  • And much more…

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    A Custom Solution

    We tailor expert solutions, packages and curricula according to the type of industry and organization we work with. Let’s talk about how we can help you take the next step in innovating your company, organization or institution!

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    If you complete the online drone course and pass our exam successfully, you will receive a full certification of competency in that subject.