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For individuals, enterprises, public safety departments and institutions.

Online Drone Training

Enroll in any online drone training course now and start instantly. The knowledge and drone training you will gain will make you a more effective pilot of your drones and broaden your capabilities, allowing you to be more successful in this exciting industry.

Expanding your understanding of what your drone can do will make you more confident and enable you to access new opportunities, enabling you to be able to market yourself and your services more effectively.

When you complete a drone course by gaining a score of at least 80% in the theory review, you will receive a notification by email proving your achievement. Almost all courses have an optional practical section that we strongly recommend you also attend. There, an experienced instructor will guide you through practical exercises and simulated missions that will reinforce what you will learn online.

What Type Of Drone Training Courses Are You Looking For?

Drone Simulator Training

ABJ’s Drone Simulator Training has 100’s of drone training modules to learn from. Through our platforms you’ll learn to fly drones in real life situations before needing to risk investing or damaging expensive drone equipment.

Our flight control technology is developed to provide the most realistic simulated flying experience on the market! The software is tailored for individuals, enterprises and institutions with the ability for customized solutions based on your industry and training requirements.

We also provide enterprise, institution and customized solutions for all your flight simulator needs. Our developers will create what you need to get the most out of the drone simulator training.

Drone Simulators Available:

Primary Drone Training

Part 107 License (U.S.) and PfCO License (U.K.) are the credentials you need to work for money. After completing either one of these drone training courses, you’ll be ready to take the exam at a testing center near you. This is an excellent first step in enabling you to become commercially involved in an industry that experiencing exponential growth daily.

You can work through the course at your own pace and always return to a module again should you wish. Each section is concluded with a short test to ensure that you are comfortable with your newfound knowledge and skill. Once you have completed your course successfully, you will be awarded your certificate and can then move forward to more advanced industry-specific courses to include Aerial Photography, Surveying, plus many more.

Drone Simulators Available:

Specialist Drone Training

ABJ Drone Academy has an extensive range of Specialist Courses for experienced pilots of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones). These courses are designed to meet the needs of various industries and are written by experienced drone pilots who have worked extensively in these industries and who know what clients expect.

Every course includes an online training segment that you can go through at your own pace. The online segment of most courses can be completed in about three to six hours work. There is a theory review at the end of the segment which you can take as many times as you wish; once you achieve a score of 80% or more, you will get an email confirming you have completed the online segment successfully

Attending a drone course will give you the following benefits:

  • Increase your knowledge and experience
  • Increase your employment options
  • Improve your CV
  • Allow you to stand out from the crowd as a technical expert

Most courses also have a practical segment, where an experienced instructor will take you through a series of missions that show you how to operate a drone in this specialized area. This includes simulated tasks similar to typical jobs in that field. If you complete the online theory segment and the practical segment for a drone course, you will get a certification card proving your competency in that specialist area. You can also optionally get a wall certificate. Contact us for details of practical courses near you.

Instructor Drone Training

If you are an experienced drone Pilot, consider becoming an ABJ Drone Academy instructor. You are then able to train and certify new pilots using the ABJ Drone Academy system. Your training consists of an initial online course, followed by a practical instructor course run by one of our Instructor Trainers. This will typically take around three days. You will need to hold the relevant professional qualification allowing to work in your country and have logged plenty of flight time with a professional quality drone.

If you have suitable experience, you can also apply to be an instructor in one of our specialist areas, such as Drone Photography, Drone Videography or Drone Surveying.

Drone Courses Available:

Official Certification

If you complete the online drone course and pass our exam successfully, you will receive a full certification of competency in that subject.

Exclusive Bonuses

Included for every online drone training courses.


$100 Value (Included)

Get access to our academy Facebook group for additional support from other members.


$1000 Value (Included)

You get lifetime free access to your course and all updated content we add.


Included for every drone training course.

Drone Pilot Network Access

Get instant access into your global drone pilot network. Join our 5,000+ drone pilots globally, and acquire local and global job and partnership opportunities, and access higher quality projects and connections.

First Access Updates

Stay ahead of the market and your competition by getting first access updates to new technology, drone training, and innovative solutions we create or discover. Allowing you to stand out from all other drone pilots.

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Some of our success stories from our introductory class.

Liked everything about the course, especially getting a hands-on experience on the course. Sam is an excellent teacher and instructor, and I got better at flying. We had a well-balanced time between the classroom and the flight time. Got a more personal instruction and experience one-on-one as opposed to an internet course.

Was looking to have a hands-on time with the drones and go what I wanted. I got a lot of flight time, and the instructors were kind enough to stick around with us if we wanted more flight time. I have a lot more motivation to move forward in the industry after getting my FAA certification. My favorite part of the course was that I got more hands-on time on the drones.

I think is course is very educational & hands-on. I earned a lot and the course itself was very practical where I learned how to fly well. I see this course paves the best career path with flying drones during weekends doing commercial projects. Likewise, I was concerned at first that there won’t be a lot of flight time, but found the class was split pretty well between the classroom and actual flying. Got a good experience with different types and sizes of drones and their flight mechanisms.

I took the in-person course for its hands-on experience. Didn’t really know a thing about drones and how to fly them before I came here. The in-classroom time was well-balanced with the outside flight time, I feel confident about my FAA 107 now. Instructor Sam did a good job and am very pleased, he is friendly, personable answers questions. Campus was nice, big open field, neat classrooms was a good course and recommend it for its in-person and one-on-one experience.

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