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ABJ Drone Academy Launches New Courses

ABJ Drone Academy has just launched two new courses for Unmanned Aircraft System professionals: UAS Photography and UAS Surveying.

The UAS Photography Course

This course will teach any pilot the basics of still digital photography and how it applies to the work they will perform as a UAS Pilot.

A comprehensive understanding of digital photography is imperative to being a successful UAS Pilot. For most work pilots perform, the end result is to capture some form of images or video with a camera.


The UAS Surveying Course

This course is designed for UAS pilots looking to expand their skillset to include surveying, mapping, or modeling. It will lead pilots through the basics of UAS surveying from flight planning to data capture. No prior knowledge of the subject matter is required.

This is a great introduction to using software such as DroneDeploy or Pix 4D.


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